Friday, September 6, 2013

Grand Lake

saving Jared at RMNP

great views!

I think I told most of you the story. Steph invited me to a silent auction for breast cancer at a brewery this spring, I browsed the items at right before the auction close and saw a weekend condo rental at Lake Granby(roughly 100miles west of boulder) for $180! Sleeps ten, hot tub, etc. All the college buddies(and their girlfriends) flew out for the weekend.

I had to work a half day on Friday so they met me in Fort Collins for breweries then we drove across RMNP to Lake Granby. Great drive, a must if you haven’t done it yet. Road reaches 12,000+ ft.

We did a lot of grilling, little bit of beer drinking. We were going to rent a boat but it was really cold in the morning so we decided to do a hike. Enjoy!

We hiked the east inlet - Grand Lake

Friends from Vegas, Atlanta, Flagstaff, Chicago, and Vail

Great view, about 1.5m into the hike

We were talking about how we wanted to see a moose, 20 minutes later, MOOSE. We were uncomfortably close haha

Wild Raspberries. Steph yelled at me (thought they might be poisonous). A guy was giving them to his kids so I thought I would be OK

There was a elaborate painting of manbearpig above the fireplace, very weird

"prom" picture

Trailridge Rd, ~12000ft

I love this picture, Dan photobombing, looks like Scott has to poop

this road was a little fun with the mustang :)


  1. We did the same drive last weekend, but just went north and west of the lake. Looks like fun!!