Friday, July 25, 2014


I'll try to post pictures of the house this weekend. We are 90% done moving, just need to clean out our old place.

So happy to be grilling again! Ahi tuna, purple cauliflower steaks, and garden eggplant.

We get terrible phone service inside the house, picture of Steph refusing to come in the house waiting on hold to talk to the Internet company, pretty funny! I brought her a beer

Garden is exploding, everything is really taking off with the heat! We have some empty space to work with, any recommendations for things to plant from seed? We just put in green beans.

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Electra and Justin's Wedding

the maid of honor

the ceremony and party were in a field by Justin's parent's cabin in Breckenridge

great weather, no rain!

Electra's dad recently passed away, he was a big Porsche enthusiast. her brother drove her up to the ceremony in one of his old cars. 

Steph's speech

several (older) people got a little sick from the altitude

Brunch: stuffed shells, spinach quiche, fried chicken, french toast sticks, shrimp, and more

Friday, July 11, 2014

Tomatoes are almost ready!

Why is the plant by sparty turning yellow? He is upset...

The beer is called "pork chops"

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

New House

Just got the keys over the weekend, found a nice rental in the middle of town. Going to be a slow move in with everything going on in July, probably looking at the 19th. They still need to clean a lot, Steph yelled at the landlord :)

It reminds me of M/J's old house, similar size. Very quiet neighborhood

living room / front door

back door. left area will be the "dining room"

bedroom 1

bedroom 2

yeah, a garage!

small kitchen, they're going to get us a new stove

happy steph

shed (to store junk from dad haha), they even have a lawnmower for us
I'll try to post a video tour later. The back yard is pretty big, has a decent sized patio. I'll email the address out!

Telluride Bluegrass Festival

girls camping in line

dan drove up from flagstaff. My canopy was missing the connectors so we improvised

cute steph

she did everyone's hair, some more that once

our campground was ~3miles from town, they had shuttle continuously running

the group, lots of kelty canopies haha

dan and i cooled off in the nearby river

this is the closest I got

happy hour

steph got frost on her sleeping bag the first night!
It was Steph 7th year going this year. We carpooled with a few friends from Denver, got in late Thursday night. People sleep in line so they can get the best spot to put your tarp (canopy) for the show. Great festival, no rain, great weather!