Sunday, December 28, 2014

New Job

random: self serve snack bar. Just grab what you want, scan your fingerprint then it charges it to your paycheck.

not pictured - covered parking. I'll be getting to work early in the summer!

everyone drives nice cars = good sign
It is literally 4 miles from the airport, great for flying out of town but you can barely hear anything with the planes constantly flying over. I really like the location, close to downtown Tempe, right off the highway. We'll do a lot of exploring when Steph gets here on Wednesday. The desert botanical garden is a few miles north of work too.

Mostly doing training so far (and christmas parties). I did get to do some testing right before Christmas. Everyone is super friendly, much more positive environment than I was used to!

New "House"

havent tried the pool out yet

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Snowshoeing @ Gem Lake

one of the 1st overlooks

estes park

we didnt start till 11AM and we were one of the first to break the trail. I didn't want us to get lost so we followed Australian? couple

the men! it was Gabriel's (far right) first time seeing real snow. He is from Puerto Rico, lives in San Diego now

the sun came out!

happy steph

frozen hair. I kept overheating, would take off layers then get super cold. not fun! stupid christensen sweat genes

very steep / narrow at the end

the crew

we made a tradition of bring coffee beer snowshoeing

steph loved this tree, the snow was perfect, super powdery

the girls

We had a quick beer at Oskar Blues in Lyons on the way back then dinner at Southern Sun. It was nice to be back in Boulder!

Happy Birthday Carter!

We had a great Christmas dinner with the Coopers. Weather was terrible, saw a lot of accidents and cars in ditches on the way down! Violet was in a super playful mood and wanted to show us all of her new toys. She especially loved me (steph says I say this about all the kids haha)

Lots of good beer drinking, the food was yummy. Happy Birthday Carter!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Roast Beast

We haven't done a turkey in a while. I made a brine last night, should be amazing!

Semi-homemade stuffing: Used a box kit then added an old baguette + hot sausage + smoked oysters. Dont worry Erica, also made a veggie one!

herb butter coated

coffee beer after the hard work

I dont like to waste anything, making a giblet broth with the neck/heart/etc. I'll use the broth to make the gravy

mini bacon weave

Has about an hour to go then we'll head to Erica's for dinner. We're going to stay in Boulder tonight then go snowshoeing in Rocky Mountain National Park tomorrow. Could get up to 5 inches of snow!

Steph's brother is going to visit on Saturday. We got tickets to see "The Interview" at the local independent movie theater Sat night.

Merry Christmas!

White Christmas!

one of my favorite decorations, steph not so much


Wind Cave Trail

Super close to my "house", less than 10 miles away

dan is excited

at the cave

in case you get lost

crazy bee hive

big cactus!

We found this disc gold course which is actually a (ball) golf course too

it was super nice!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Winter Bike to Work Day

Wait... I dont have a job(yet)!

Steph volunteered at a breakfast station through her work. I met up with her then stopped at a billion more places. Highlights included: Snooze pancakes, mimosas, green chili bagel sandwich, and that we acquired 8 breakfast burritos...

Weather was nice compared to last year!


quiche and homemade breads

Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving in Durango

I never get sick of the drive, great views!

see the snow fence? It was super windy, we saw a overturned semi near this area

We went for a walk Thursday morning to make room for turkey

We went to her Dad's first, Marcos was happy to have visitors!

Crazy Marcos

Scott and Steph

Next, we went to her Aunt's house (Mom's side of the family), no pictures, most drinking haha
Steph kept me occupied over the weekend with breweries. We have a Colorado beer coupon book with free beer at most breweries, had to use them up!!! :)

My new home! hahaha 
 Steph's grandparents go to Arizona every year for a month, they offered to bring the camper down early for temporary living. Saves me a lot of money and can avoid signing a new lease(steph could end up working anywhere in the phoenix metro area). The park is about 20 miles from my work, even has a pool! Our soft goal is have Steph move out by mid February. Also don't have to move "twice", it is fully furnished so I'm just driving down with clothes.

Saying goodbye! You can kinda see in the background - her dad made a greenhouse with windows from a old house
We stopped at Buena Vista on the way, probably the last time we'll do the drive for a while :(