Monday, December 1, 2014

Weekend with the Kennedy's

I got to see the Kennedy's the weekend before Thanksgiving due to a last minute job interview.

Interview went well, just wasn't a strong of company compared to my first preference.

I flew in late Thursday, interview was Friday afternoon then I went back on Sunday afternoon.
Gingerbread house @ Royal Park Inn. They said it takes two months to make all the gingerbread

Katie had a St. Jude fundraiser walk Saturday morning

Big event, the news even came!

She was cold so I made her a straight jacket

Katie with her group

After the walk, didn't even break a sweat!

checking in michigan beer on untappd

Mom and Dad came by for dinner after the MSU game

Sunday morning, look at these tough Detroit girls!

I LOVE this place, I want to make it a regular stop :)

my phone camera was freaking out and took this. artistic?

Probably not the best idea before a plane trip, oh well. Highlight was the smoked garlic pork sausage, actually everything was amazing!

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