Monday, August 18, 2014


Great sunset on Friday
Steph loves sour beer :)
I made friends with my biker neighbor, this is his ride

Fort Collins had a big music festival over the weekend. Free too! Lots of different stages, they closed off most of downtown. Great for us bikers!

I ended up going every day, favorite was elephant revival (bluegrass) on Saturday night. The headliner was pat benatar.

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Yet another garden update

Steph is proud of the sunflowers, we have them all over the house
Sunday harvest
Had these with eggs, delicious!

Lots of tomatoes, mostly Cherry for now. Roughly 1-2lb a day! We've been roasting them with garlic and onions, great with pasta. I had to add two more tomato cages to help with the jungle.

We made pizza last week with pesto and smoked chicken leftover from an old BBQ.

How are your gardens?

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

CSU Trial Garden

Had a date night last night, walked by the trial garden afterwards(only 0.5m from our place!)

They just had some judging so we figured everything would be looking great!

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Gnarly Barley

First beer: Goose Island Bourbon County (15% imperial Stout!)
Normal. We ran into my coworkers, they let us borrow the wagon :)
The hat helped out a lot
Our gang
Yeeeeah, a cloud!

We went to this two years ago, great beer festival at the county fairgrounds in Loveland.

It was pretty hot with the sun, beer helped out!

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Steph's (new) Bike


I found a cheap old cruiser at a garage sale a few weeks ago for Steph. She's been wanting a easy to ride bike fit the breweries.

I took it apart, cleaned everything. She picked out the tires on Amazon. Just needs new hand grips and a basket. Back wheel is a little bent, going to try to find a new one. Dad, have one?

Turned out pretty well, she's happy!

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