Saturday, September 28, 2013

Hop Picking

High Hops - a brewery / garden center south of Fort Collins had there annual hop picking party early September. Erik and I drove up for the event. We picked about 5lbs total, took roughly 2-3 hours. They gave us free beer and hops :)

We dried them already, going to use them with my next batch of beer. Carter got me a nice Michigan IPA kit for my birthday, should be good!

Zeus, big guys!

Flooding Aftermath

1st floor of my friend's apartment, water was almost to the top of the patio door (he lives on the 3rd floor)

trash everywhere
Unfortunately, CareConnect (the nonprofit I'm a board member of) was completely demolished. They just moved to this location a few weeks ago. Their old office was by the river so that would of been flooded too. They were able to find a temp office for now. We are having a fundraiser at Lefthand Brewery this afternoon - (not related to the flood). They were featured on public radio, heard it on the way to work this week.

Everything else is pretty much back to normal, all the back roads finally opened up for my commute, very happy. A lot of trails are still closed in Boulder.  

they finally plowed the mud from our parking lot, so much!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I took these by the Boulder airport this morning, crazy how the weather can change so quickly here!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Green Chili

Getting bored sitting around, decided to make green chili yesterday. We borrowed a smoker from a friend, took ~6 hours to do the pork. Also smoked sausage and salmon, everything turned out really good.
yummy beer for MSU game and dry-rubbed pork shoulder

looks perfect!
brining salmon
roasted peppers from our csa
just about ready to mix everything together

Saturday, September 14, 2013

More Creek Pics (from Erik's camera)

Mustang was originally parked here, I moved all our cars a few blocks down the road on top of a hill Thursday night.

There is usually a walkway underneath the sign

who let's their kid play in flood water(sewage)?

by Boulder Library

Boulder library, you can't really see, a random old guy was doing tai chi on rocks under the building. boulder...

for Erica! Lots of people were running, hiking mtn biking

small dam, pretty damn crazy


Eben Fine park, the background looks fake!
broadway and arapahoe

saturday was nice, no rain

Friday, September 13, 2013

Boulder Creek

I'll post descriptions later, internet is being super slow!

Good Morning!

We're doing well. Still have power, no internet. We never had cable so no loss there.

Water is down a lot, mud is everywhere. They had a maintenance guy shoveling mud. Not fun, and it supposed to rain again today.I went to the gas station, no newspapers were delivered. Got a powerball instead. Two hillbillies were buying ALL their water. Individual bottles!

 neighbors made sandbags below, looks like they worked well. They used the hose to divert water.

We're going go for a walk soon, getting couped up in the apt. We'll be safe!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Trip home

Finally made it. Fort Collins wasn't that bad, everyone started leaving work around 2 based on the news.

Picked up some gallons of water (and beer) on the way home. Hit longmont, all roads were closed. I took a few pictures, then talked with a police officer on how to get to boulder.

I drove north of longmont, then east to I25, then went back west once I was way south of Boulder. I have a feeling all the roads I went on south of boulder will be closed. Going to take work off tomorrow, no more driving!

Thanks for all the messages,


The last picture is of a snow plow pushing rocks / sand out of the road.

Great Boulder Flood of 2013

ground has about 3-4 inches in most spots

parking lot flooded, luckily i parked right next to the stairs

most gas stations looked closed

Friday, September 6, 2013

Grand Lake

saving Jared at RMNP

great views!

I think I told most of you the story. Steph invited me to a silent auction for breast cancer at a brewery this spring, I browsed the items at right before the auction close and saw a weekend condo rental at Lake Granby(roughly 100miles west of boulder) for $180! Sleeps ten, hot tub, etc. All the college buddies(and their girlfriends) flew out for the weekend.

I had to work a half day on Friday so they met me in Fort Collins for breweries then we drove across RMNP to Lake Granby. Great drive, a must if you haven’t done it yet. Road reaches 12,000+ ft.

We did a lot of grilling, little bit of beer drinking. We were going to rent a boat but it was really cold in the morning so we decided to do a hike. Enjoy!

We hiked the east inlet - Grand Lake

Friends from Vegas, Atlanta, Flagstaff, Chicago, and Vail

Great view, about 1.5m into the hike

We were talking about how we wanted to see a moose, 20 minutes later, MOOSE. We were uncomfortably close haha

Wild Raspberries. Steph yelled at me (thought they might be poisonous). A guy was giving them to his kids so I thought I would be OK

There was a elaborate painting of manbearpig above the fireplace, very weird

"prom" picture

Trailridge Rd, ~12000ft

I love this picture, Dan photobombing, looks like Scott has to poop

this road was a little fun with the mustang :)