Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Shootin' in Flagstaff

Erik had a interview with Dan's company on Monday, I offered to drive him up from the PHX airport.

We didn't have anything to do Sunday morning so we went out to the "pits", an old gravel mine about 15 miles outside Flagstaff.
dan made sure to go over safety, finger off the trigger

was kinda cold (50F haha)


cool gun, old swiss army rifle, ~0.50cal? He has the bayonet for it too!

It was a pretty cool spot, lots of little nooks in the area with people shooting. Reminded me of Rockport in Alpena...


Did this hike after work last Friday, another tough / steep one! About 1300ft of gain in a mile hike. I made it up in 40 minutes, not too bad! Side note: don't dirnk lots of coffee before hiking, I almost puked haha

 it got dark very quick, forgot my headlight so i used my phone flashlight. Ended up leading the way for three people behind me

random - in n' out! This was Erik's first request after the airport. Now Steph wants to go on Thursday
Steph update: Three interviews this week! She is going to Albuquerque tomorrow for a interview (work from home position), then has two more in Phoenix on Friday morning. I'm going to take a half day then we're going up to Prescott(little resort town north of phx) for a night. 

Busy weekend, also going to see her Grandparents for dinner on Saturday. My roommate is photographer here, he is going to do our engagement pics on Sunday before she flies out.

President's Day

Dan and I stayed at the camper Sunday, wanted to do one last cleaning for Steph's grandparents. He had to work Monday so I headed out to Lost Dutchman State Park for a hike. Ended up doing Siphon Draw Trail, went up to the basin. Roughly ~5 miles total. I didn't do it but you can go up another mile farther to the Flat Iron, 2,000 ft gain in ONE mile, takes 3 hours. Super sketchy, rocks falling everyone. I decided I would rather live and needed gloves and more water.

the flat iron in the middle is the last part of the hike, another day...

very sweaty

looking back at the park
near the very top of the basin

healthy hiking food
I just had junk food in the camper, so I stopped by a bait shop near the park entrance. Bag of jerky and 3 freshly picked tangerines (not pictured) for $6, not too bad!
looking up


i'd couldnt imagine the rain flowing down

looking back at the canyon

see the bee?

leaving at 11:55AM
went back to the trailer park for a swim
Then I biked to the grocery store back in Scottsdale, triathlon? Great weekend, just trying to keep myself busy to help stop thinking about Steph so much :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

AZ Strong Beerfest

Perfect weather, was in the 80's!

for the beer geeks

"where did you get the necklace?" - random people
 I'm from Colorado!
one of my fav breweries there

there is a local coffee chain that also brews beer. I had the fuktonah

getting artist (or drunk)

happy campers
We stayed at a hotel nearby. Ended the night with a swim and trip to McDonalds :)


Upgrading from the camper! About 8 miles from work now (vs 27!) and I dont have to go on the highway. Been at work earlier every morning, don't know what to do with myself!

I have three roommates, one is randomly from MSU. Everyone is really chill, in there 30's. We're about 2 miles from downtown Scottsdale, there is a really nice big park a few blocks away. Dan let me borrow a bike so already been out on a few rides.

Best part is no lease! Steph is coming out the first week in April so just a few more weeks here.
big backyard, I'm usually out here

She said yes! New Belgium Lost in the Woods 2015

Sorry, we didn't get many pictures. It was really dark inside and we were busy celebrating :)

It was our 3rd year in a row going,

I was trying to show her hand haha