Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Did this hike after work last Friday, another tough / steep one! About 1300ft of gain in a mile hike. I made it up in 40 minutes, not too bad! Side note: don't dirnk lots of coffee before hiking, I almost puked haha

 it got dark very quick, forgot my headlight so i used my phone flashlight. Ended up leading the way for three people behind me

random - in n' out! This was Erik's first request after the airport. Now Steph wants to go on Thursday
Steph update: Three interviews this week! She is going to Albuquerque tomorrow for a interview (work from home position), then has two more in Phoenix on Friday morning. I'm going to take a half day then we're going up to Prescott(little resort town north of phx) for a night. 

Busy weekend, also going to see her Grandparents for dinner on Saturday. My roommate is photographer here, he is going to do our engagement pics on Sunday before she flies out.


  1. is that the one right in Tempe, right next to all the cool stuff on the strip? we saw that hike when we were there and lots of people did that hike, it seems very iconic Tempe (kinda like Sanitas would be iconic to Boulder)

  2. Wow, what a beautiful photo! (I'm talking about the burgers…the hike pics were nice too, I guess). :o) Becky

  3. (late reply) Nope, this one is about ten miles north of Tempe. We'll have to do it when you visit!

    That place is addicting, Becky! I try to limit my trips there :)