Friday, August 21, 2015

Weekend Adventure

We road tripped to Durango last weekend for Steph's 10yr high school reunion. Yes, she is getting old.

We stopped in Flagstaff Friday night to break up the drive a little, took 2 hours off the 7 hour drive. The second part was almost entirely through the Navajo Nation, curvy turns for the Mustang :) but bad road conditions :(

rain! we got excited, don't see it much!

My favorite AZ brewery

4 Corners! Not really that exciting but we figured why not?

I kept taking pictures of the Mustang, Steph wasn't impressed haha

Steph's Dad's hops, he found some wild ones and put up string. They smell and look great! We walked the wedding site again and dropped off supplies with her parents.

Bumblebee fire? This was from Sunday night, about an hour north of Phoenix
Here is a article on the fire, looks we saw it right when it started.

Sorry, no pictures from the reunion, Steph was one of the organizers and I was one of the beer drinkers.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Humphrey's Peak (Flagstaff)

Getting a little behind on blogging!

This is from about a month ago, I hiked the tallest mountain in Arizona with Dan, Humphrey's Peak. ~12,600ft!

It was roughly 5 miles each way, took us about 6 hours total. Adventure as usual, saw a rescue and barely missed a thunderstorm on our way back down. There were a lot of Europeans, most of them come down after visiting the grand canyon.

Weather was perfect, 70's, most of the hike was in the shade too.

boulder river

taking a break

i missed snow!

coors light at the top

so many bugs.. we didnt stay at the top for very long

very dusty!


the trail head is at the ski resort, this was the rescue helicopter
Great hike, wasn't very steep, just long! They allow camping up to treeline, I want to go back with Steph :)

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Old Photos

Mom and Dad are still on their quest to give me all my childhood belongings, found these pictures in the most recent box. Enjoy!

cardboard classic!

bowl cut :)

Grandpa - looking good

where was this?

dork haha
 Steph call these the Greyson pictures :)

burns st

Friday, June 19, 2015

Durango Trip

First order of business, Ska Brewery. I got the pilsner:
 They said the weather was terrible lately, ended up being perfect when we were there
 Walking around the wedding grounds

 Ceremony spot:

Mom entering a natural body of water:

Marcos! He just turned 4!

At the baby shower for one of Steph's best friends, Holly

Very productive trip, planned out the food and flowers for the wedding. Mom and Dad got to meet both sides of Steph's family and learn the lay of the land in Durango. Thanks for meeting us there!

Lake Roosevelt -Tonto National Forest

Steph has been itching to go camping, we ventured two hours east of us to Tonto National Forest last weekend. We went to the lower elevation part of the park / lake, there is another huge section that is 6-7k ft elevation that is much cooler. We were surprised to see no one there haha. Our campsite had 80 spots, probably not more than 5 cars there!

Our own private beach, decent little hike up the hill but it wasn't too bad, just rocky.=:

The water was perfect, similar to our pool temp

Beer drinking!

We walked down to the other side of the beach to see the sunset

It was crazy how quiet the area was, the lake (reservoir) is similar in size to long lake.

Like my free hat? :)

Morning swim. We ended up leaving around 9am, got way too hot! 

lizard hunting

Damn dam

 Fun little story... Steph was driving, I said, "why don't we take this way?" Instead of a 90 mile zig zag we took there it was a 50 mile straight shot home, great idea? Soon saw a sign, DIRT ROAD: 22 miles haha. It ended up being a really cool drive; single lane at times, weaving through the mountains following the river into Phoenix.

We soon realize we are very low on gas, we pulled into a small town (campground?) that advertised GAS. Drove around forever, finally asked an employee where to go. Had to walk down a hill to the marina and borrow a gas can from them. We ended up taking a swim at their beach to cool down then hit the road again.