Friday, August 7, 2015

Humphrey's Peak (Flagstaff)

Getting a little behind on blogging!

This is from about a month ago, I hiked the tallest mountain in Arizona with Dan, Humphrey's Peak. ~12,600ft!

It was roughly 5 miles each way, took us about 6 hours total. Adventure as usual, saw a rescue and barely missed a thunderstorm on our way back down. There were a lot of Europeans, most of them come down after visiting the grand canyon.

Weather was perfect, 70's, most of the hike was in the shade too.

boulder river

taking a break

i missed snow!

coors light at the top

so many bugs.. we didnt stay at the top for very long

very dusty!


the trail head is at the ski resort, this was the rescue helicopter
Great hike, wasn't very steep, just long! They allow camping up to treeline, I want to go back with Steph :)

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  1. Those pictures are beautiful! I can't wait to visit sometime soon… :o) Becky