Friday, August 21, 2015

Weekend Adventure

We road tripped to Durango last weekend for Steph's 10yr high school reunion. Yes, she is getting old.

We stopped in Flagstaff Friday night to break up the drive a little, took 2 hours off the 7 hour drive. The second part was almost entirely through the Navajo Nation, curvy turns for the Mustang :) but bad road conditions :(

rain! we got excited, don't see it much!

My favorite AZ brewery

4 Corners! Not really that exciting but we figured why not?

I kept taking pictures of the Mustang, Steph wasn't impressed haha

Steph's Dad's hops, he found some wild ones and put up string. They smell and look great! We walked the wedding site again and dropped off supplies with her parents.

Bumblebee fire? This was from Sunday night, about an hour north of Phoenix
Here is a article on the fire, looks we saw it right when it started.

Sorry, no pictures from the reunion, Steph was one of the organizers and I was one of the beer drinkers.

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