Monday, April 28, 2014

Za'atar Beet Dip

We tried a new recipe yesterday turned out awesome! Our oven exploded earlier in the day (another story) so I boiled them then finished the beets in a frying pan. I got the Za-atar at savory spice shop, didn't look that hard to make.
Healthy, spicy, sweet, I think you'll all love it!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

(Easter) Moab

 Jeep Jamboree weekend, they were everywhere! We would see dozens in a row doing the trails by our camp. Chrysler had a promotional setup in the middle of town.
 First stop - Disc golf
 Dan getting air! He drove up from Flagstaff to meet us
 Dan went a day before us and got a awesome camping site, there was a small rock formation right behind us
 at the top
 I didn't actually carve anything! It was mostly sandstone, slippery to climb on

 Campsite is to the right
 Steph and Holly (she came from Durango)
 Offroading stop
 Kona didn't like the booties (Holly/James dog)
 James (Holly's husband's truck) I want one!
 Another offroad stop, the area is called Klondike
 Barely made it
 Lots of flowers blooming in the desert~! It actually rained Friday night, which is rare

 This thing could go anywhere...
James flew to Arizona to get the truck, rare model: racing edition with manual transmission and offroad package. We get along very well!
 Back at camp
 Kona was tired. It was her first camping trip, she was pretty good overall for a puppy
 Offroader Steph
 We did some hiking Sunday to avoid the typical I-70 traffic, ended going to Arches National Park. Bonus: it was a free day!
 Small side trail arch

Landscape Arch, Steph looks happy ;)
We turned around right after this. To her defense it was getting in the 80's

Different Easter but fun for sure, we missed you all!

- Joe

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Drive to Moab

We got up super early and hit the road, made it in 6.5hr, pretty fast! Got in town right after 1pm.

The last pic is the Colorado river near Glenwood springs

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The Taste - Fort Collins

Right before Moab we went to a charity tasting event at the Hilton in Fort Collins last Thursday. There were dozens of restaurants, a few breweries too :)

The food was amazing, everything was really fancy! Oysters were probably our favorite, the desserts were great too.

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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Denver Art Museum (updated)

This is the exhibit we went to see...

beautiful, sunny day

 We went to Cheesman Park for greek food. I saw Greek butter almond cookies up front at the counter, I got them to go but Steph couldn't wait

Ended the trip with a stop at Renegade, one of our favorites in Denver. Also had free beer coupons :)