Thursday, May 22, 2014


Hungry Mike

Fig flat bread

White(chocolate) house

Lamb w leeks and lamb sausage. Never too much lamb...

Carnegie institute, they were having a black tie event, I really wanted to sneak in!

Halibut with squid ink rice

(Sorry the blog app put everything in a weird order)

I got in Monday night for my conference, i learned a lot overall! There were a few talks from the FDA. my background was previously medical device pkg (Covidien), it was a good knowledge base of pharmaceutical pkg. I was able to meet a lot of supplier's that I've been working with over the phone, found a few new ones too.

Tuesday night we went out for tapas in Georgetown (no pics), weather was perfect, walked along the river afterwards.

Last night my high school friend's brother, Mike took me out. He just graduated from the culinary institute of arts in NYC, currently a waiter at a steak house in the four seasons.

We walked around for a few miles then ended up having dinner at birch and barley:

Big beer restaurant, roughly 500 different bottles, 30 page beer menu! Was happy to see a lot from both Michigan and Colorado! I let Mike order everything: soft shell crab, duck confit, fig flat bread pizza, halibut (was awesome with jolly Pumpkin's saison), then leg of lamb with Bell's Porter. Had to walk it off afterwards, still full this morning haha.

My flight is delayed this morning, hence the long blog! I think the Lansing airport might be bigger that Reagan, this place is terrible...

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Monday, May 19, 2014

1st Sun Tea

Mix of red and black tea with raspberries and lemon

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Garden update

Onions are sprouting

Steph working hard

We planted half of our tomatoes yesterday, worked in the compost, and planted some seeds. Starting to look good!

Also stopped at nbb beforehand for hydration :)

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Friday, May 16, 2014

On the mushroom farm

I went down to the mushroom farm over lunch to get compost for garden. (Following after uncle John!)

The farmers laughed at me shoveling compost into garbage bags wearing dress shoes haha. It was only $3 /bag. Hopefully it pays off! You can see the mycelium in the dirt.

Also got mushrooms, they have the best! Steph doesn't like mushrooms but will eat the ones from here.

Any recipe recommendations?

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Friday, May 9, 2014

CareConnect Luncheon

I got the day off yesterday to volunteer for CareConnect. We had our annual fundraiser luncheon at the St. Julien downtown Boulder.

I had to pick up the guest speaker(clients if CareConnect) and his wife. Awesome older Indian couple, they even took me to their favorite Indian grocery store in the way home. (They claimed the produce is freshest in Thursday afternoon! Haha)

Erica came with Violet, who was a celebrity! everyone came up and wanted to see her. Erica had some better pictures.

Event turned out great, we exceeded our goal by roughly 50%! Weather held up well, no rain.

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Fish tacos w homemade slaw, and Steph's favorite summer beer!

Horsetooth us my favorite new hot sauce, made here in foco

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Friday, May 2, 2014

New brewery - Horse & Dragon

Very very busy! Went and checked it out last night, it is only two doors down from steph's office. some of the beers were only available in tasters so they won't sell out.

Head brewer is a girl that used to work at Odell, she was super nice, came up and talked with us for awhile.

You guys will have to come visit!

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