Tuesday, February 25, 2014


We went for a walk at city park in fort collins, family will love it, perfect for the kids. Playgrounds are everywhere, even a big water park near the lake. 

Being close to Boulder it was still weird, there were medieval people sword fighting and bike polo.

lots of people were fishing

big slide @ the water park

zoom in to see the bike polo


lemon rosemary chicken dinner,  cooked in the dutch oven
(disclaimer: I'm not a Diva) We changed the recipe a bit, slow cooked covered, then turned up the heat and cooked uncovered

one of my favorite christmas gifts, thanks steph! IR thermometer


We went down to Boulder over the weekend. I had a CareConnect meeting, Steph had a few friends in town. Our two main other "goals" were Trader Joe's and Stout Month at Mountain Sun
had to park far away! They literally couldn't unload pallets off the semis quick enough. It wasn't too bad inside, got through the checkout in less than ten minutes.

"bourbon bob" they had 15-20 stouts on tap total, mostly made by them
Next visit is Dead Guy Days in March, can't wait!

President's Day

I had the day off work, Steph didn't so I met her downtown for lunch. We went to Silver Grill Cafe, it is usually great but the food wasn't so good this time around. Oh well, I had a coupon :)

cute Steph
I got to try their Cinnamon beer, Odell made it for them!

Valentine's Day Dinner

Steph and I went to Grimm Brothers Brewery in Loveland for a beer pairing dinner. Their brewer talked about each beer before each course. Grimm made a raspberry porter for the city of Loveland, went well with the dessert!

I arranged for car service, we went home in a fancy Cadillac.

Monday, February 17, 2014

RMNP Snowshoeing / Estes Park Cabin

I rented a cabin(great deals right now!) on craigslist in Estes Park, we met two other couples early in the day to snowshoe then relaxed back at the cabin and watched Olympics and soaked in the hot tub

at the trailhead, a ranger photobombed us!

Bear Lake has a base of 75 inches, they got 35 last weekend!

buried sign

happy steph

at Bierstandt Lake, our destination

my hat was a white elephant gift from Steph's family. it is light, I like it :)

ice was instantly forming, very windy

the guys

almost at bear lake. Started snowing on our way back

steph fell

on the way to the cabin

we had burgers for dinner. These are tony's homemade (mostly mushroom) veggie burgers


view from hot tub

morning coffee

lots of construction on US-34 ongoing

came home to a surprise harbor freight / menards package. thanks Dad!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Chicago Weekend

Steph and I went to Chicago over the weekend for Kevin's girlfriend's 30th Birthday.
Kevin and the Birthday girl

Brunch - Saturday morning

Ruby and Jared. Kevin just moved to Chicago, Jared is still down in Atlanta

Pretty much snowed all weekend

We went to a awesome BYOB sushi place

Crunchy Tuna, Spicy Salmon, lots of stuff in the big one, forgot the name

Diane is popular! She had at least 20 friends at the dinner. Probably 10 friends/family flew in for the weekend

Steph eating Jared's sashimi, it was probably the best thing we had there

The boys