Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Happy Birthday Steph!

Steph got tickets to a Broncos game through family (they are all huge fans if you didn't already know). We met Steph's family and a few friends a a bar outside the stadium for pre-game drinks. 

happy steph!

the sky was great that night

We stayed downtown after the game, we were both worn out! We met her Aunt for breakfast the next morning. Mary, you would of love the place. It was a super close to your Capital Hill apartment.

We had amazing weather the next day, 70's and sunny so we walked around Washington Park then headed towards Denver University. I read about a 60/70s concert poster art exhibit:

lots of Doors posters

We were heading to breweries later in the day, I thought we'd find a greek market for snacks. I just googled greek near me and we ended up at this place off Colfax. Everything was amazing, we got a cheese pie(stuffed with feta), multiple cookies, I couldn't pronounce a single one haha. Then this apricot cake with coffee. We must go back!

Beer time - Started at Black Shirt Brewery. A new favorite, went here for my birthday too!
 We met up with two other couples at another brewery then we out to dinner at a cool "community" building called the source. It had multiple restaurants and shops.
I think she had a good birthday!

I was reading the paper halfway through the second half of MSU whomping on UM and saw there was a zombie crawl downtown. We got dressed up real quick and rode our bikes downtown, fun / random night! I still think I'm going to be the wizard on Friday...

Michigan - Part 3 - Kennedy Soccer

Mom, Dad, and I went up to Rochester Hills the day after the hayride to watch the Jessica and Megan play soccer. I haven't seen them play in over a year, they really advanced! Both were stars of the their teams.
Go Jess!

Jess started bleeding in the middle of the game, a blister broke on her hand. She didn't care at all haha!

she's open!

playing in the woods behind their house between games. they built a cool fort!

corner kick

poor megan had a million shots on goal but didn't get a score in

serious beau

great to see everyone!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Michigan - Part 2 - Hayride

We lucked out, was supposed to rain, turned out to be perfect weather. I surprised a lot of people showing, glad I was able to come out!

these girls are always exploring!


andy carried the ladder the whole time

brothers tending to the fire

Michigan - Part 1

Grandpa's Farm. We walked down before the hayride and added some supports(2x4s) to the old sheds.

 The colors were amazing

Mustang moving

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Great American Beer Fest Weekend

Steph and I had 6 friends fly in for GABF. 

I picked up Scott and Diane Thursday morning, we decided to explore Denver. Great Divide had a LINE at 2PM on Thursday, I was shocked. It was almost all brewers from across the country.
We decided to go back to Fort Collins early and bike to a brewery near Steph's work. I think they were happy :)
Diane went with Steph to Loveland so Scott rode the cruiser home
Kevin and Dan @ Equinox. More breweries on  Friday, the guys all rented bikes (like mom and dad!) while the girls went for a hike.

Dan decided to rent this, we dubbed it the "rickshaw"
@Horse and Dragon. It was a really hard to ride. Probably weighed 75#
Lunch at my favorite BBQ joint, Hog Wild
Getting growlers at New Belgium for the BBQ. Kevin made us a feast when we got back, highlight was jumbo bacon wrapped scallops.
We were a little late to get in line, worst spot ever. Never again...
Happy Erik
Ruby and Jared
Misc beer?
Short's Brewery - I tried to stock up on the Michigan beers
Afterwards! Kevin, Dan, Ruby & Jared
16th street mall, love this picture. We don't know half the people haha

We got hotel rooms nearby the convention center and stayed the night. Jared had a suite so we hung out there to watch the MSU game and eat chinese food. We decided to stay in Denver Sunday and wait for the flights. Watched the Bronco's game at Lowry's Beer Garden (CC's old stomping ground) then took them to the airport. Great weekend, it was nice to have the time off to hang with everyone!