Saturday, January 10, 2015

Topgolf Steph

We got up semi-early Saturday morning and went out for Topgolf, it gets really busy later in the day. Steph liked it, we both sucked together haha. We were doing better towards the end. We want to get lessons together once she comes out here

I needed new work clothes, so we went to the outlet mall afterwards. Steph was really happy when I asked her if she wanted to go clothes shopping haha.

We went hiking Sunday morning, same trail I did with Dan. I really liked it and its close to my place. We were both sweating on the way down, people were wearing scarfs and earmuffs, it was pretty funny.

title: Cactus and Stephanie

Phoenix Science Museum

I read about an "adult" night at the Phoenix science center, no kids allowed and beer for sale! And it was FREE, all my favorite things. We took the elevator to the fourth floor then worked our way down through the exhibits, it ended up getting pretty busy during the end. Steph slept like a baby on the car ride home :)
steph loved this one

for Amy

Hopping around Phoenix

Steph came out for New Years, we got to do a lot of exploring in the area. 

Awesome Mexican in Phoenix - Gallo Blanco, We got ceviche, enchiladas, and tacos. It provided many meals with leftovers too! We still want to find a cheap / authentic place

We stopped by the Japanese gardens before Steph's interview. It was kind of small but still worth the trip

they sell fish food, definitely the highlight of the garden :)

post Steph  interview beer, also had shared an amazing pork belly blt

Phoenix Brewery