Saturday, January 10, 2015

Topgolf Steph

We got up semi-early Saturday morning and went out for Topgolf, it gets really busy later in the day. Steph liked it, we both sucked together haha. We were doing better towards the end. We want to get lessons together once she comes out here

I needed new work clothes, so we went to the outlet mall afterwards. Steph was really happy when I asked her if she wanted to go clothes shopping haha.

We went hiking Sunday morning, same trail I did with Dan. I really liked it and its close to my place. We were both sweating on the way down, people were wearing scarfs and earmuffs, it was pretty funny.

title: Cactus and Stephanie


  1. The temperature is all relative! You may be wearing scarfs and mittens in a year. haha No school closing in North Dakota for cold weather. Zero degree weather and kids were walking home with coats unzipped. We laughed.

  2. Clothes shopping as a couple can be fun…Marcus loves when I am his Personal Stylist!! (as long as I don't look at anything for myself in the process…then he zones out and wonders when it's time to leave….) :o) Becky