Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Garden / Weekend Update

purple okra, Mom got Erica and I seeds at Bordines in Michigan

Thai pepper? We kinda lost track of the different peppers

Steph made this for FB. Everything is coming along!

Farmer's Market lunch: pupusas, dumplings, and a tamale. Not pictured: Dad's gyro. There is a market tomorrow night, I might have to take Greyson :)

Mom, Dad, and Steph helped me clean the Mustang, looking good!
Looking forward to seeing everyone this week!

Monday, July 1, 2013


From earlier this spring, we started most of the garden from seeds

Steph with our "supervisors"

Remember this trestle Mary and Justin? I pulled it from the dumpster when they were moving :)

Peppers and Tomatoes, They gave us 60 square feet total, Aal automatic watering.

We stopped by Erica/Carters to put our last transplants in. We have a small shared garden at our apt too and a few containers. Our mint and basil are getting huge.

Coming Along

Trying to wrap it up this week so we can bike to the Boulder Reservoir on the Fourth.

Stripped everything down, wired brushed then spray painted

who wants a ride?