Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Our Wedding Website

Up and running, still have to do a bunch of work on it, registries, etc.

Here is a preview of the engagement photos. My (randomly from MSU) roommate Sung took them for us, they turned out great! We just used my yard in Scottsdale
it was overcast all day then the sun came out right before the shoot = squinty eyes

we went to Papago Brewery in South Scottsdale for the rest of the pictures


Decisions, decisions, they have a great selection!
I'm a lucky guy :)

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Grilled Cheese Party

They had a grilled cheese party at my house on Friday night. It was a great idea, everyone brought different cheeses, bacon, bbq pork, avocado, and lots of other yummy ingredients.

burnt garlic butter on this one, sooo good :)

Canal Converge - Scottsdale

We met up with Steph's Grandparents for BBQ downtown Scottsdale then walked down to the art exihibit. It wasn't that great, mostly vendors and the rain didnt help. But we did find a beer garden that had one of Steph's favorite beers from Chicago, Two Brothers. Also learned they opened a new location in Scottsdale, random!
angry pig?

Domaine Dupage :)

I had to "investigate" the brewery yesterday(03.08.15), went for a bike ride to check it out. They made a new kolsch for the AZ location, really good!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Whiskey Row - Prescott

We stayed at this historic hotel, maybe 115 years old? It had a lot of character, we both loved the old elevator :)

Whiskey Row, the whole block was full of whiskey bars, almost all of them had live music on Friday
The courthouse was across the street. No, we did not drink whiskey and get secretly married :)
But we did joke about it!

Watson Lake - Prescott

Steph got in last Thursday night, she had two interviews on Friday morning then I took the afternoon off and we went up to Prescott for the weekend. First stop was hiking at Watson Lake. There is a 5 mile loop around the lake but it was super windy so we just explored around the northern end.


Steph loves the sun!

I was inspired to go up there by this picture:

I want to go back when the water is lower!