Friday, June 19, 2015

Lake Roosevelt -Tonto National Forest

Steph has been itching to go camping, we ventured two hours east of us to Tonto National Forest last weekend. We went to the lower elevation part of the park / lake, there is another huge section that is 6-7k ft elevation that is much cooler. We were surprised to see no one there haha. Our campsite had 80 spots, probably not more than 5 cars there!

Our own private beach, decent little hike up the hill but it wasn't too bad, just rocky.=:

The water was perfect, similar to our pool temp

Beer drinking!

We walked down to the other side of the beach to see the sunset

It was crazy how quiet the area was, the lake (reservoir) is similar in size to long lake.

Like my free hat? :)

Morning swim. We ended up leaving around 9am, got way too hot! 

lizard hunting

Damn dam

 Fun little story... Steph was driving, I said, "why don't we take this way?" Instead of a 90 mile zig zag we took there it was a 50 mile straight shot home, great idea? Soon saw a sign, DIRT ROAD: 22 miles haha. It ended up being a really cool drive; single lane at times, weaving through the mountains following the river into Phoenix.

We soon realize we are very low on gas, we pulled into a small town (campground?) that advertised GAS. Drove around forever, finally asked an employee where to go. Had to walk down a hill to the marina and borrow a gas can from them. We ended up taking a swim at their beach to cool down then hit the road again.

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  1. I think Brian would say to fill up when you get a chance. Maybe a hard lesson learned? lol