Friday, June 19, 2015

Durango Trip

First order of business, Ska Brewery. I got the pilsner:
 They said the weather was terrible lately, ended up being perfect when we were there
 Walking around the wedding grounds

 Ceremony spot:

Mom entering a natural body of water:

Marcos! He just turned 4!

At the baby shower for one of Steph's best friends, Holly

Very productive trip, planned out the food and flowers for the wedding. Mom and Dad got to meet both sides of Steph's family and learn the lay of the land in Durango. Thanks for meeting us there!

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  1. So who's going to be on lifeguard patrol to fish my kids out of the water? ;o) Odds are it will be Gemma who will get wet first, but you never know, really it could be ANY of my 5 older ones (Bunny included)… ;o) Becky