Sunday, May 10, 2015


It "cooled" down to 85F earlier last week so we decided to hike Camelback after work. Quite the adventure, Steph nearly died of fright from a snake and then we saw a rescue!

We were on our way down when we saw the crew, a guy fell pretty bad, they thought he broke a few bones. About 2 dozen firefighters hiked up, full gear. The mountain has a helicopter pad halfway up for these type of rescues. 

we made it!

cute steph

the snake was in the crevice. I hiked right over it, then heard a scream haha 

great views at the top

which way do i go?

big wheel (I had to google it). They put the person on the stretcher they attach it to this to go down the mountain. I think they make the rookie firefighter have to carry it up :)

We explored Phoenix yesterday, took Steph to a fun beer bar - Angel's Trumpet

Spam sliders pictured - the coleslaw was amazing, had feta in it :) We want to go back, the whole menu looked great

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  1. Oh no. How's the guy? Have you heard? At first I thought I'd like to try Camelback, but I'm 65, so maybe I had better not. I'll just go to the breweries instead.