Saturday, May 2, 2015

Big Move to AZ

half way packed! I think we got a 16ft truck

we had a to drop off donations @ the thrift store, one last stop at NBB

Mary and Erica came up to visit, we had dinner at a greek place then walked around the new Trader Joe's in Fort Collins. It was great to see you!

the final pack. Erik and his gf came up for a quick breakfast (and I loaded his car with junk haha) then we hit the road

30deg while packing, 90deg while unloading!

not the most exciting drive, this was one of the highlights

stayed the night in Sante Fe, much smaller than I expected. It was very windy, the town was dead. We didn't care, we were both tired from packing and the drive

a few people recommended this french bakery, steph was happy :)  We got sandwiches to go for lunch too
steph really wanted to stop at the sign, but there were no parking signs everywhere so we both ran out of the cars then got out of there quick!

Thanks to my years of moving experience, it was overall very stress free and nothing broke. OK, the only thing to break was a mason jar, whoever cleaned the fridge in the new place didn't secure the shelves, I set it down then BAM. Steph and I had  "fight" about trash bags too. She was mad I was smiling during this "fight". When your only problem in life is which type of trash bags to use you can't help but smile. Love you Steph!

We didn't really take pictures unpacking, Dan came down from Flagstaff and Steph's dad came down from Durango to help. We unloaded for an hour, watched the MSU game then came back and finished the rest. Steph went to see her Grandparents in Tuscon with her Dad the next day, Dan and I drank beer and unpacked :)

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