Tuesday, February 24, 2015

President's Day

Dan and I stayed at the camper Sunday, wanted to do one last cleaning for Steph's grandparents. He had to work Monday so I headed out to Lost Dutchman State Park for a hike. Ended up doing Siphon Draw Trail, went up to the basin. Roughly ~5 miles total. I didn't do it but you can go up another mile farther to the Flat Iron, 2,000 ft gain in ONE mile, takes 3 hours. Super sketchy, rocks falling everyone. I decided I would rather live and needed gloves and more water.

the flat iron in the middle is the last part of the hike, another day...

very sweaty

looking back at the park
near the very top of the basin

healthy hiking food
I just had junk food in the camper, so I stopped by a bait shop near the park entrance. Bag of jerky and 3 freshly picked tangerines (not pictured) for $6, not too bad!
looking up


i'd couldnt imagine the rain flowing down

looking back at the canyon

see the bee?

leaving at 11:55AM
went back to the trailer park for a swim
Then I biked to the grocery store back in Scottsdale, triathlon? Great weekend, just trying to keep myself busy to help stop thinking about Steph so much :)


  1. this one looks great! are there lots of wildflowers blooming down there already?

  2. Awww - how sweet! Great pictures!

  3. Lots of flowers right now, everything looks beautiful! bad part - already allergy season :(