Saturday, September 28, 2013

Flooding Aftermath

1st floor of my friend's apartment, water was almost to the top of the patio door (he lives on the 3rd floor)

trash everywhere
Unfortunately, CareConnect (the nonprofit I'm a board member of) was completely demolished. They just moved to this location a few weeks ago. Their old office was by the river so that would of been flooded too. They were able to find a temp office for now. We are having a fundraiser at Lefthand Brewery this afternoon - (not related to the flood). They were featured on public radio, heard it on the way to work this week.

Everything else is pretty much back to normal, all the back roads finally opened up for my commute, very happy. A lot of trails are still closed in Boulder.  

they finally plowed the mud from our parking lot, so much!


  1. AHHH those flood pictures are horrible!! That is so sad about CareConnect!! The Boulder floods are "old news" so we don't hear about them out here; it's easy to forget that people are still dealing with the aftermath.

  2. I think the new CareConnect place is the same building as my midwives!