Thursday, September 12, 2013

Trip home

Finally made it. Fort Collins wasn't that bad, everyone started leaving work around 2 based on the news.

Picked up some gallons of water (and beer) on the way home. Hit longmont, all roads were closed. I took a few pictures, then talked with a police officer on how to get to boulder.

I drove north of longmont, then east to I25, then went back west once I was way south of Boulder. I have a feeling all the roads I went on south of boulder will be closed. Going to take work off tomorrow, no more driving!

Thanks for all the messages,


The last picture is of a snow plow pushing rocks / sand out of the road.


  1. Crazy! I'm glad you made it home and are staying home Friday! Good job prepping, too, Dad will be proud of you for stocking up on the essentials!