Friday, September 13, 2013

Good Morning!

We're doing well. Still have power, no internet. We never had cable so no loss there.

Water is down a lot, mud is everywhere. They had a maintenance guy shoveling mud. Not fun, and it supposed to rain again today.I went to the gas station, no newspapers were delivered. Got a powerball instead. Two hillbillies were buying ALL their water. Individual bottles!

 neighbors made sandbags below, looks like they worked well. They used the hose to divert water.

We're going go for a walk soon, getting couped up in the apt. We'll be safe!


  1. What a mess. At least you have power - Erica doesn't

    1. We got our power on a couple hours at, but now they say our water will be shut off soon.... :-( carter and I are going camping tomorrow!