Sunday, December 28, 2014

New Job

random: self serve snack bar. Just grab what you want, scan your fingerprint then it charges it to your paycheck.

not pictured - covered parking. I'll be getting to work early in the summer!

everyone drives nice cars = good sign
It is literally 4 miles from the airport, great for flying out of town but you can barely hear anything with the planes constantly flying over. I really like the location, close to downtown Tempe, right off the highway. We'll do a lot of exploring when Steph gets here on Wednesday. The desert botanical garden is a few miles north of work too.

Mostly doing training so far (and christmas parties). I did get to do some testing right before Christmas. Everyone is super friendly, much more positive environment than I was used to!


  1. I would have to practice self control with the snack bar! Sounds good so far. Hope it all works out for you!

  2. That snack bar is too cool! And dangerous…
    Marcus is going to AZ in a few months, hopefully you two can meet up!
    :o) Becky