Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving in Durango

I never get sick of the drive, great views!

see the snow fence? It was super windy, we saw a overturned semi near this area

We went for a walk Thursday morning to make room for turkey

We went to her Dad's first, Marcos was happy to have visitors!

Crazy Marcos

Scott and Steph

Next, we went to her Aunt's house (Mom's side of the family), no pictures, most drinking haha
Steph kept me occupied over the weekend with breweries. We have a Colorado beer coupon book with free beer at most breweries, had to use them up!!! :)

My new home! hahaha 
 Steph's grandparents go to Arizona every year for a month, they offered to bring the camper down early for temporary living. Saves me a lot of money and can avoid signing a new lease(steph could end up working anywhere in the phoenix metro area). The park is about 20 miles from my work, even has a pool! Our soft goal is have Steph move out by mid February. Also don't have to move "twice", it is fully furnished so I'm just driving down with clothes.

Saying goodbye! You can kinda see in the background - her dad made a greenhouse with windows from a old house
We stopped at Buena Vista on the way, probably the last time we'll do the drive for a while :(

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