Tuesday, July 1, 2014

New House

Just got the keys over the weekend, found a nice rental in the middle of town. Going to be a slow move in with everything going on in July, probably looking at the 19th. They still need to clean a lot, Steph yelled at the landlord :)

It reminds me of M/J's old house, similar size. Very quiet neighborhood

living room / front door

back door. left area will be the "dining room"

bedroom 1

bedroom 2

yeah, a garage!

small kitchen, they're going to get us a new stove

happy steph

shed (to store junk from dad haha), they even have a lawnmower for us
I'll try to post a video tour later. The back yard is pretty big, has a decent sized patio. I'll email the address out!


  1. It looks awesome! Lots of room! We can't wait to see it I September!

  2. Cool! Nice garage! Does this mean that your dad is hauling the garage out to you now?

  3. Yay! Ps do you have our shovel? Red handle , thick foot placement thingies