Friday, August 30, 2013

more garden / dumpling week


purple cabbage

year of the peppers, by far our most productive crop. I think they love the heat

can you guess what this is? this is my first time growing it

tomatoes are crazy, but not quite ready yet. We grabbed some "scraps" that fell on the ground from Erica's plants. Based on the crop on her dining room table I think she is in overload mode

Random – Dumpling Week
Mom, do you ever make these from scratch? I remember Grandma always used frozen ones. NPR is doing “dumpling week” – different stories on dumplings ever day. When you drive two hours a day, small things make you excited haha.
I have lots of pictures from last weekend at Grand Lake to post, should get to it over the weekend.

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  1. hahahah Carter said he figured you'd been to our house but we weren't sure :-) Yes, overload mode. Carter took bags and bags of tomatoes to work this week, and I just brought in three bags to my work today, trying to get rid of them all. Yes, they are rotting and falling to the ground faster than I can pick them! You guys are definitely welcome to some, just don't take them all :-) We'll be gone all weekend, help yourself. You can pay me back in melon :-)