Monday, August 12, 2013

US Pro Challenge

My work offered to pay registration for the US Pro Challenge (experience) in Fort Collins yesterday. They had 32, 50, and 108 mile rides. I got my boss and Steph to do the 32mile with me.  My other coworker was going to join us but had a baby yesterday, decent excuse…

We got up early, made the drive up to FoCo. I thought parking would be bad so we met up ~1mile away from New Belgium(the start and finish) and biked there. Steph sadly fell pretty bad on the way to the race. She is OK but scraped her knee pretty bad and bruised her shoulder. She understandable sat the race out. Her great-grandma was randomly visiting south of Foco so she went to see her while we were riding.

We did the 32 mile ride in about 2.5hours, not too bad! We had mountain bikes (99% were road bikes), which ended up being nice as part of the course was on dirt roads.  They had a few food trucks, we got vouchers for lunch and two cans of NBB.  Lots of freebies: Smith sunglasses, pint glass, drifit shirt. I like freebies

My butt is sore today, I think Steph’s whole body is too!

poor steph :(


  1. yay freebies, boo bum knee.... :o)

  2. What a cool event! I love bikes and beer! But not bruises :/

  3. My butt is sore just riding 5 miles. Way to go!