Thursday, August 1, 2013

Finch Lake - RMNP

This area is regrowing from a fire back in 1978, now the beetles attacked it :(

on the way back, the fog was crazy


wild flowers were everywhere

more flowers

calypso falls, we took a different path back

hiker steph

there were waterfalls the whole way down

My first time backpacking! We had a group of 5 people, started around 10AM on Saturday, took about 3 horus each way The way there was ALL uphill, roughly 1500’ of gain in 5 miles. Going back was nice but still hurt a different group of muscles. I was sore for a few days afterwards.The lake had three campsites, was very quiet / tranquil. They have a lot of bears in the area, we had to rent a bear canister and keep it away from our site at night.

I’m looking forward to doing another one very soon.

These are just from my phone. I went to read the newspaper on a rock in the lake, my camera fell out of my pocket and into the water. Being a packaging engineer, I put it in a bag with pharmaceutical grade desiccant for a day, works fine now J


  1. Looks like a great adventure. I still want to train to scale a 14er. Pick an easy one for me.

  2. Yeah Joe! I have the hiking/climbing bug since being in Colorado! We did the Flatirons. Alot of work but still really cool. I'm anxious to do it again!

  3. Great pics Joe. The fog is really eerie looking.

  4. What a fun trip in a beautiful park. And yay for saving your phone!