Sunday, March 23, 2014

Portland - Foodies

We said our goodbye to the Curls Saturday morning and took the MAX into Portland. We decided to get the same hotel (Paramount) as last time, it was really nice, great location in the middle of the city. First Stop - food trucks
I got chicken yakisoba noodles, they were awesome
Steph went with Indian
After brewery biking (another post), we had our anniversary dinner at Imperial. It was just what we were looking for!
oysters to start

Not a lot of pics, my flash was too bright :(
 We ended up getting another app - prawns and fried radish. Pork Blood Pasta and pork secreto. Everything was amazing.

Steph got a scoop of ice cream for desert, I got the Vieux Carre
 Sunday morning we biked to Olympic Provisions for brunch per the Curl's recommendations. It started raining hard but we toughed it and kept going.

pickled veggies to start, including celery

I had prime rib eggs benedict, top 5 breakfast, ever.
 I bought smoked chorizo to bring back to Colorado. Yesterday we went to Cured in Boulder to get a good cheese to go with it(and share with friends during the NCAA action) , Steph noticed they carry 5 different types of Olympic Provision's meat (at a much higher price!), small world
We ditched our bikes because of the rain and walked around Portland Sunday before our flight. There were lots of people out from the St. Patrick's 5k. Had to stop at Voodoo

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