Friday, March 14, 2014

Community Garden

We rode our bikes to our community garden. They are measuring the blots and adding mulch to the walkways this week.
It is it the area on the left in this picture
standing from the garden, looking at the entrance
There are trees on the western side of the garden. Amy/ Dad, how does this impact our garden / any planting advice? It looks like they might cover up part of it, maybe plant lettuce / shade plants over there? We're thinking about getting the soil tested to see if it needs anything too.

We're having fun at the Curls, weather has been great. Kids are growing up! Marcus is taking Bunny/Mariposa to a Daddy / Daughter dance tonight. The rest of us are going to drink beer (james' quote haha), dance, and watch MSU bball / movies :)

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  1. Love the way everything in CO is environmentally oriented. I think Austin would love it out there! Good luck with your garden!