Sunday, March 23, 2014

Portland - Brewery Bike Touring

The weather was perfect on Saturday, we even got too hot biking around

First Stop, the HUB
We had a loose route planned, but talked with the locals and ended up trying a few breweries we never heard of instead. This one was tucked away in a industrial park SE portland
Steph loved this one, all there beer was barrel aged, lots of sours
the rental bikes were great city cruisers

This place reminded us of Upslope in Boulder

blonde girl is like, "OMG"

stopped at the bridge to take a few pictures

I tried to watch the MSU UM game at Rogue. They said NO, major league soccer was playing

this made me cry, they had a beer "garage sale". Lots of nice bottles were selling for $2-3 each, normally $10-15

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  1. This is a great way to explore Portland. Dad & I should try it.