Sunday, March 23, 2014

Around the (Curl) House

Sedric wanted to help the girls get ready for the Daddy Daughter Dance

I remember that makeup!

James got a wand at the toy store

We were like wow, he really loves pickles. A minute later he came up to me with swollen cheeks, he couldn't chew the skins but kept eating pickles anyways. I graciously let him spit them into my hand haha

Going into Hillsboro on Friday, we went to the toy and candy store

Regulars at the toy store

They love Uncle Joe

Unless I'm tickling them!

Steph made a fort! (I think she liked it more than the kids haha)
helping out with Pi Day

I dont think they were sleeping...

pirate dog?

Marcus took me into town for a beer run. We drank a few during the Big Ten tournament then took the rest home

Friday night dinner at the Cruise In Diner. I spotted a School of Mines license plate, random!

lots of puzzles, the kids are good

morning coffee with Sedric

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