Thursday, June 13, 2013

Spinach Fettuccine

Every few weeks I try to make something out of Grandma’s cookbook. Usually when I cook I take a bunch of recipes and combine what I like out of them. Steph makes fun of me because I always follow Grandma’s recipes exactly.
 We grilled a lot over Memorial day, went well with leftover bbq chicken.
Turned out great! What have you guys been cooking?


  1. I love that you re-create Grandma's recipes. I love the cookbook you created too!

  2. I havent' made this in awhile, I'll have to try it again! Even when I follow it exactly, it never quite turns out perfect, but it's always good.

  3. yum!! Spinach fettucini is so good!!!!

  4. I love Grandma's recipes, and the cookbook you made for us, too. The recipes we make most are potato soup, chicken noodle soup, spinach fettucini, spaghetti sauce, and potato salad. Oh, and "Paula's Tuna Casserole" which tastes best if written in Grandma's handwriting! :)