Thursday, June 13, 2013

Burning Can- Lyons

Some of you may remember, we went to this last year -

The only rule of the beer fest is that all the beer has to be canned. A few breweries that dont sell canned beer normally cheated and brought unlabeled canned beer that they filled manually.

 There is a free bus from Boulder to Lyons during the summer. We went to the bus stop, you literally couldn't fit another person in it. So we decided to drive and leave a car up there. A lot of people were stuck in Boulder that planned to ride it so we took gave a random couple from Aurora a ride. Turns out the guy is starting a brewery down there, pretty cool.
 Steph posing
 The weather was perfect, a lot cooler than last year, ~70s
This is normal
 We ran into old friends. They camped right outside the beerfest. Apparently they had free camping outside. Definitely going to do it next year!
 Towards the end of the festival, notice my necklace is getting smaller
Ska Brewery - From Stephanie's hometown of Durango. They ran out quick

I've been bad at blogging lately. Have a lot to post: garden, Chicago, random shenanigans. More to come!

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  1. You make a cute couple. You have lots of fun together.