Sunday, June 16, 2013


Steph had a week long conference in Chicago about a month ago. I flew out to meet her at the end of the week. She had never been so we did all the tourtisty things.

the bean!

it was really cloudy the first few days

famous hot dog, I went with the coney

you know a place is good if only construction workers eat there

Not pictured, my friend Scott took us out for drinks at the top floor of the Hancock building

We found a nice coffee shop near Scott's place

tulips everywhere

Gino's deep dish
Scott recently got a new job and then big raise, so he surprised by buying beerfest tickets in the Bear's Stadium

We were the only ones with Pretzel necklaces. Everyone asked "Where did you buy those?" "How did you know to make them?" I said, "we're from Colorado."

playing with my new phone

Fried Chicken, Steph got a huge crab cake sandwich

We went to the museum of contemporary art on the last day before we flew out. I really liked the tiny room exhibit.


  1. oooh where do I start, I love Chicago!! The pizza and chicken look great!! I love the tiny room art. You guys must've had a blast, looks like so much fun! :o) Becky

  2. Chicago is my all- time favorite big city!

  3. I LOVE MINIATURES!!! Remember, Amy and Kennedy's? They made fun of me because we went to a museum and I liked all of the miniatures displays. Or, were you there too? (Connecting joke: did you ever visit Colorado, Joe?

  4. What a fun trip! But your dog doesn't look like a true Chicago-style dog...I'm surprised you didn't get kicked out!

  5. The only trip I made to Chicago was to shop! (In my younger days!) Have always wanted to take a train to Chicago and see the sights.