Sunday, June 16, 2013

G-Knight Ride

We went up to Longmont yesterday for our first G-Knight ride. It is a bike ride in honor of a brewer/firefighter who died fighting a forest fire.

I think they said there were ~3000 bikers, it went all around Longmont including brewery stops along the way.
this can go on land or water

getting ready!

I have been modifying my bike in preparation of the ride

We got there an hour early, luckily Erica told us about the rose garden nearby

First stop - Lefthand
Unfortunately, Steph got a flat tire half way through (6 miles deep). A good samaratan stopped and patched it but it seemed like the tube was too big for the tire (Steph recently had work done on it).

The house we stopped at brought out a bloody mary for the good Samaritan then we just walked 1/2 mile to the next brewery where Erica and Carter picked us up. They were supposed to get us at the finish so it everything worked out. Thanks guys!

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  1. That sounds like my kind of bike ride - great fundraiser plus brewery stops!