Sunday, September 21, 2014

Jim and Jamie's Wedding @ Keystone

We just got back late last night from Keystone / Denver. Jim was my roommate during my internship Minnesota, fellow packaging peep. He moved to Denver about a year ago.

we stopped at Dam Brewery for lunch and were randomly seated by all the guys! Actually not that surprising haha

We were kindly given a upgraded room with an awesome view. We explored the trails during our free time before the wedding. Perfect time of year to visit the mountains!

Beautiful Steph!

The ceremony was on Dillon Lake. Everything was very simple: music was played from a ipad! Both of their family are from Michigan, wasn't more that 50 people total.

they wereworried about the weather, there was a 90% chance of rain earlier in the week, ended up being great

the reception was in a rented mansion. again super simple, just finger food and dessert (and good beer!)

the boys

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