Sunday, September 21, 2014


Erik and I found cheap tickets to go visit our friend Dan in Flagstaff, Arizona last weekend. He picked us up Thursday night, we stayed until Sunday

On the way to the Grand Canyon (1.5hr drive). Largest Ponderosa pine forest in the US!

Made it to the Canyon. It was super hot, we just a short 2-3 mile hike. Never seen more foreign people in one place, I think we were the minority. Lots of euro backpackers

the views were amazing, I want to go back and spend a few days exploring

disc golfing in Flagstaff

We drove through Sedona on the way back to Phoenix

stupid camera guy! haha. It was super hot there too, we didn't make it outside that long. All the stores/restaurants have water misters setup to help with the heat.

deep thought?

Last stop: In and Out in Phoenix. Animal style fries: america cheese, pickles, grilled onions topped with thousand island

Erik and I both really like Flagstaff. It is at 7k feet, so a little cooler than Phoenix and the surrounding cities. Very very similar to Colorado!

I'll post more pictures later, I accidentally left my camera with Dan. All the guys are flying in for Great American Beerfest next week.

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