Sunday, January 5, 2014


We went up to Rocky Mountain National Park yesterday to snowshoe. It was the first time we used US-34 since they rebuilt it from the flooding.

First, we went to Sprague Lake, it was a nice easy loop to get started, barely saw anyone

Next we went to Bierdstandt Lake. Not so easy, lots of switchbacks and elevation gain. We passed a lot of people coming up, only saw one person coming down. Two groups had to turn around, they def were not prepared

I got really hot hiking then my hair froze

At the lake, I postholed. My leg is stick straight down, pretty deep

We didn't stay long, very cold / windy at the top

goofy pic

Steph fell

We saw a herd of bucks on the way down. They were huge and not bothered by us at all

Elk in Estes

The flood damage can still be seen everywhere. All the houses along the river were tagged: Inpsected, No Retry, Limited Entry. I'm thinking mold is a big concern, along with the obvious structural damage. The river was full of huge trees, it is going to take a long time before anything is "normal"

We're tired today! Going to babysit Violet this afternoon, I'll take lots of pictures :)

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  1. Everything is beautiful! I think I want to move to Colorado now - Estes Park!