Thursday, January 23, 2014

Chili Cook Off!

We went to a chili cook off in Loveland at Grimm Brothers Brewery last Saturday. 16 local restraurants competed: catering companies, individuals, etc. I managed to try them all, the last few were small bites. We were so full all day, probably wasn’t the best idea haha.

schwarzbier(black lager), Grimm Brothers mostly makes German beers. The green chili on the right won.

starting to get full

The one on the left had goat cheese. Other people had feta. Never had fancy cheese with chili!

about half way through. I was taking notes

We stopped by Funkwerks in Fort Collins for a bottle release

Redheads - We watched the Broncos Sunday in Louisville @ Electra's

"selfie" @ work

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  1. mmmm....chili cookoff! I never tried chili with fancy cheese before, either. Maybe we should branch out! We do love Fritos with our chili, though!

    I'm so jealous of your pics with no coats on! It hasn't been above freezing in a longggg time here.