Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas in Durango

We left for Durango the Saturday before Christmas. I got my 300m inspected earlier in the week (better in the snow vs. Steph’s car), it ended up dying 10 miles south of Fort Collins Friday night. Luckily we were just going to a party, not in a hurry. I called AAA and got a tow (even bought Stephanie a nice Wendy’s dinner haha), then we grabbed her car. Very lucky this happened when it did, we could have been stuck on a mountain pass!

Her friends Holly and James just bought a house in Durango, we got housesit while they were visiting family. Sadly, Steph was really stick most of the trip, we didn’t go out much. It was nice we had a place to be lazy and not infect other people. I made her chicken and rice soup, added lemon and ginger. I ended up getting a little sick too, just a cough.

We went out for sushi the first night, dinner with her parents the next. Had soup and appetizers at her brother’s new apartment Xmas eve and watched Christmas movies. On Christmas day we had a big meal at her Dad’s house with extended family then went to her Grandpa’s house(Mom’s side) for another celebration.

On the 26th, we drove from Durango to Boulder (~6 hours), I grabbed the Mustang then went straight to the airport. Flew to DTW then met Mom and Dad and drove with them to Graytown. Lots of traveling!

Steph and Holly, we stayed at her new house

Marcos and Scott (Steph's brother)

Gift from Scott and his GF

Opening presents, cousins do a secret santa

Scott and Oli

Heather and Rick (uncle)

Gag box, pretty funny

Steph and Cadence (cousin)

Great Grandma Margaret (with Grandpa Fred photobombing)

Steph, Fred, Jene, & Kristie (Aunt)

More cousins (Kyle and Adam)

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