Monday, December 9, 2013

Holiday Party

Tebo Holiday Party

Steph and I went down to Boulder Friday night to volunteer at the Tebo Party. He is a wealthy real estate owner in Boulder, has a big party every year and picks a non-profit to run the coat check (and collect the tips).

We were mostly working the whole time but got a chance to walk around the party a few times. It was funny seeing all the Boulder people dressed up, lots of bright colors / eccentric wear haha. There were even guys in lederhosen, we thought they were being goofy but they were actually German.

We went to St. Julian hotel afterwards with the CareConnect volunteers, pictures are from there.


  1. Such a handsome couple. You both look great. What about pictures of your other party?

  2. We forgot to take pictures at her party. I promise I'll take lots at the Tolmar party on Saturday!

  3. Steph looks so happy to have you kissing her.....