Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Downtown Detroit

I have lots of pictures from the Michigan weekend, I’m going to break them into a few posts.

We had a 7PM flight Monday night and Kennedy girl’s all had to go to school so Amy took us out for Slow's BBQ in downtown Detroit.

I told a coworker yesterday about how we walked around downtown, he asked why? (he is even from Michigan – Roseville!). It is really not that bad, even with some rain we had a great time.

old building by where we parked. You can actually see through it

amy had mac n cheese, cole slaw and waffle fries, Steph had a beef brisket sandwich, pulled pork for me :)

sooooo good

ahhhhhhh. I had a coffee stout from founders

walking around by the ren center

Steph was surprised Canada was so close

What country is directly below Detroit? Cuba? No, Canada!

Thanks Amy, we had a blast!

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