Friday, December 14, 2012

too late...

I went to the store this morning(20minutes early!) to pick up the beer, was sadly too late. They had 35 cases, there was 50 people in line. Carter's bro-in-law got one in Ohio.

See the random guy waving?

Unrelated - I had my CareConnect board meeting Wednesday, every seat had a bottle of wine as a Christmas gift, there was one seat w/ beer. I immediately knew which seat was mine haha.


  1. I wish I had known. They had it at The Anderson's Maumee. I just called and they're sold out. I would have gone early for you.

  2. glad I just found your new blog!

    Yes I do like the guy waving. I'm glad PJ got the beer, I bet he'll let Carter and I split one when we're in IN!!! (def won't get my own bottle! hahah)

  3. :o( too bad you didn't get your beer, but that's a really neat story!!