Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Tree

We didn’t have a lot of ornaments (hint hint), and were drinking beer so we decided to take action.
The tree was a funny story: I really wanted to cut my own down so we searched the internet and found a place nearby in the mountains. When we got to address there was nothing there. Determined, I found another place in Niwot (a few miles north of Boulder, east of Erica’s house). I knew the area was mostly fields but I thought we’d give it a shot.

When we got there I told the guys I want to cut my own tree, they kind of laughed and said it was more of a “cut-your-own tree experience.” They dug holes into a corn field and put random Christmas trees in the ground. Very glad I left the saw in the car haha.

 We drove down to Denver Sunday to see the CC’s at the beer garden then went to Steph’s friends house for holiday party. I think Grey and I have different views about Santa…


  1. Thank you Joe! I'll look for beer ornaments on my next trip to Frankenmuth.

  2. yeah I think Carter and I def went to the same cut-your-own "experience" place! hahahahhah. then we left and just got one from a farm stand that was already cut, I think from Washington.

    I like the beer ornaments, they are shiny!